Trivia quesions

These are some of the trivia quesions I like using


What is the only bird that can fly backwards?
What is hyperlipidemia?
High presence of fat in blood
What meat on a roast turkey has more calories?


What is the lightest metal?
What is the melting point of gallium?
86F or 30C
What color is copper oxide?
What color are the vanadium oxidation states?
Lilac, green, blue, yellow
What Cobalt isotope is a byproduct of nuclear fission?
Cobalt 60
What form is the oxygen we breathe?
Diatomic oxygen


How is bronze made?
Three parts copper and one part tin
How is steel made?
Iron and Carbon
How is electrum made?
Equal parts gold and silver
How is constantan made?
55% copper and 45% nickel
How is invar made?
36% nickel and 64% iron


Which Star Trek character has appeared in the most episodes?
What was the last Super Bowl to be held in a college stadium?
Super Bowl XXX in 1996 at the Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona


In what country is Dalmatia?
Where is the geographical center of Croatia?
Bosnia and Herzegovina
What is the height of Matterhorn?
14,692 feet
What is the definition of a nautical mile?
One sixtyth of a degree of latitude
Where is the land based pole of inaccesablility of North America
Allen, South Dakota
What town in the US has the highest (numerical) zip code?
Clarkson, WA
What is the tallest structure in the western hemisphere?
KVLY-TV mast near Blanchard, ND.
What country has the highest GPD-per-capita?


Who was the first president born in the USA?
Martin VanBuren
Who were the first two countries to recognize Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union?
Canada and Poland
When was the last invasion of mainland Britain?
1797 by Napoleon
In what year did the Cuban Missile Crisis happen?
Who was the first catholic president?
John F. Kennedy
What animal was Jimmy Carter attacked by in 1979?
A rabbit?
In what year did the Norweigan Butter Crisis happen?
Who was the first navy veteran to become president?
John F. Kennedy
What were Thomas Midgley Jr.'s contributions to science?
Leaded gasoline and CFCs


Addition on in a log scale results in what operation?


What is the speed of sound in meters per second?
343 methers per second
What is the TNT equivalent of energy released by the eruption of Mt. Krakatoa in 1883?
200 megatons (largest nuclear bomb is 50 megatons)


What is the radius of the moon?
1737 kilometers
What is Murcury's orbital period?
88 days
What is the weight of the Curiosity mars rover?
899 kilograms
What spacecraft has the speed record as of 2018? How fast?
Parker Solar Probe at 953,100 meters per second (213,200 miles per hour)
Who was the first woman in space?
Valentina Tereshkova